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Precision Auto proudly offers a vast line of BG services to help keep your car running at its best.  BG services use premium flushes, fluids and additives to promote optimal performance and longevity of your vehicles key components.  BG services come with their Lifetime Protection Plan when performed within a set mileage. The Lifetime BG Protection Plan™ covers seven major systems: fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, cooling, power steering and brakes.   To maintain the lifetime protection, all you have to do is stick a set service schedule.  Learn more by watching the video.



Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Our standard synthetic blend oil change meets or exceeds most manufactures standards.  It allows you to safely drive up to 5,000 miles between changes, and provides exceptional lubrication for your engines internals.

Full Synthetic Oil Change

Our full synthetic oil change meets or exceeds all standards set by vehicle manufacturers.  Superior long life protection keeps your engine protected under the most rigorous conditions for 7,500 miles.

Wiper Blades

It is recommended to have your wiper blades changed every 6 months to help you seeing your best.  Don't let old wiper blades ruin your day.  

Battery Testing and Replacement 

Car doesn't start?  It could be a battery?  Let our specialized diagnostic equipment determine what is causing your car not to start.  We will test your battery and charging system to isolate the cause.  We sell AC Delco batteries ranging from an 18 month - 42 month FREE REPLACEMENT.  


Whether it's an air filter, fuel filter, or cabin filter we've got it covered.  Don't let a dirty fuel or air filter rob your engine of gas mileage or performance.  Changed these filters regularly to keep your engine breathing clean.


Whether your ABS light is on or your brakes are squeaking, let our trained professionals check out your brake system today.  Brakes are a vital part to your vehicle and you want them working at their best.  We can take care of any abs concern, perform brake jobs, or upgrade your brake system.


We offer tire repair, rotations, balancing or replacement.  We strive on competitive pricing on most major tire manufacturers.  Come in today to get your free tire estimate.  


Wheel alignments serve a critical function for your vehicle.  We will inspect for worn out components, replace what is necessary, and align your vehicle to the factory specified specifications.  Improper wheel alignments can cause excessive tire wear eating up your hard earned money.    

Air Conditioning

Lets face it, we live in Florida and it's HOT!  Not having a properly working a/c system in your car just isn't an option.  We can diagnose and repair your vehicles a/c troubles and get your car cooling again.  Don't sweat it!

Tune Ups

The term tune up is an outdated phrase associated with older cars.  In today's modern cars each vehicle has a different maintenance schedule that should be followed.  We will let your know whether  it involves replacing worn out spark plugs, belts, hoses, or filters.

Computer Diagnostics

Newer cars are complex machines which require sophisticated computers to analyze them.  We have state of the art equipment to properly diagnose your cars computer fault.  So whether your car is just running poorly, or has a light on the dash, let our computers talk to yours.  

Vehicle Inspections

Thinking about purchasing a used car?  Don't make the costly mistake of buying without having your car inspected.  Many used cars have hidden issues which could lead to expensive repairs which could have been easily avoided.  

MOA Engine Oil Service

The BG MOA Extended Life oil change prevents sludge contamination and wear.  This oil additive cleans stubborn oil deposits, restores engine balance and power, Improves spark plug life, and extends oil change intervals.

Cooling System Flush

The BG Cooling System Flush starts by cleaning the inside of your cooling system by removing rust, scale and sludge.  New coolant is then added along with a additive to provide your vehicle with superior protection in the extreme heat or cold. 

Transmission System Flush

The BG Transmission System Flush utilizes a power cleansing agent that dissolves and suspends deposits, and rids all old fluid and suspended debris throughout the system.  New fluid is installed along with a special additive that fortifies new fluid with seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and shift improvers.

Power Steering System Flush

The BG Power Steering System Flush process starts with their patented flush that dissolves power steering deposits, and removes accumulated contaminants.  Fresh fluid is injected into the system along with their special additive that softens and conditions brittle seals

Brake System Flush

Replacing your brake fluid is the easiest way to help avoid a costly repair.  Brake fluid attracts moisture by nature.  When enough water content builds up inside your brake system, it degrades the fluid causing internal material brake downs.  Changing out the brake fluid prevents corrosion in master cylinder,
cleans varnish from the brake system, and removes unwanted air from the brake lines.

Battery Service

The BG Battery Service starts by cleaning all of the corrosion build up on your batter and terminals.  Pads are then added under your terminals to insulate them from the battery case.  A sealer is then sprayed on the terminals for ongoing protection against future build up.

Fuel/Air Induction Service

The BG Fuel/Air Induction Service removes deposits built up inside your engine ensuring proper air and fuel mixture and flow.  Your car will benefit from the increased power, fuel economy, and lower emissions

Headlight Restoration

The BG Headlight Restoration restores clarity to your fogged up headlights by using a 5 step process.  A long lasting protective layer is then added to your headlights to help keep them clear.